Charcuterie Tips and Tricks For a Presentable Board!

Charcuterie boards have become a staple at gatherings, whether it’s a casual night in with friends or a sophisticated wine and cheese affair. These delightful displays of cured meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, and more offer a feast for both the eyes and the palate. However, creating the perfect charcuterie board requires more than just throwing together a few ingredients. With the right tips and tricks, you can elevate your charcuterie board game and impress your guests with a stunning and delicious spread.

Step One: Purchase A New Board 

How can you refresh your charcuterie boards? The easiest way to give your boards a new look is with a new board! Here at The Mousetrap we have a variety of boards that you can choose from. If you are wanting to take your board home today, choose from one that we have in store! We also have a fully customizable line of charcuterie boards that you can create in store and have shipped to your home! The Maple Leaf line takes two to three weeks from the time you place your order to delivery, so make sure you are planning ahead for your next event!

Step Two: Use a Variety of Flavors 

Spice up your board with new flavors! Try a new cheese that you haven’t before or sample a jam that would complement it well! We have a large selection of jams and cheeses that you can add to your board. Add in chocolates, nuts, crackers, and pretzels to add textures to your board! The best news is that it can be a one stop shop for all of these essentials! Come in and browse at The Mousetrap and pick up delicious treats that will be sure to make your board tasty! 

Step Three: Add Spreaders to your Board 

This simple trick will add so much elegance to your board! Adding in themed spreaders that complement your board help with adding sophistication! Your guests will love the simple, yet fun touches. We have simple spreaders that are perfect for any occasion, beach themed, and easter themed spreaders in store today!

Step Four: Pair with Wine or Sangria 

We all know that cheese and wine pair effortlessly together! However there are so many pairings that you can choose from your board for your drink of choice! Choose a wine that pairs with your cheese, saltiness of the crackers, or savoriness from the chocolates on the board. Want something a little more refreshing? Try pairing a fresh sangria with your board! 

Step Five: Add Bowls for Depth

Blues, pinks, greens, and yellows are all colors that will make your springtime charcuterie board pop! How can you add those colors in? By adding small serving bowls to your board! Throw a jam to sample or a nut blend into one of our bowls to add depth to your board! 

Step Six: Use Cheese Papers to Protect Your Board 

Have you heard of cheese papers? These are a great way to help protect your board and keep it fresh and clean longer. These papers also help your cheeses stay in place longer which is essential for your board being presentable!