Catering Unveiled: Spice Up The Next Few Months with Irresistible Flavors


After the festivities of the end of 2023 die down, it seems like there are not as many opportunities to gather at the beginning of 2024. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to come together and choose the Mousetrap to cater for you! Below, you will find all of the upcoming events that you might need a charcuterie tray, dessert spread, or entrees catered for! 

Wedding Festivities: 

While this one doesn’t have a specific date that you have to adhere to, there are so many wedding festivities that are taking place by the spring! Don’t worry if you haven’t found the perfect caterer though, we have you covered! Whether you are planning to have a small or large gathering, we have the perfect picks for your bridal showers, engagement parties, and rehearsal dinners! We have a wide selection of sandwich trays, charcuterie spreads, and dessert trays that will add a touch of elegance before the wedding! 


Not only do we have a great selection of food options that can be catered for that big celebration, but we have an array of items that you can come and pick in to host the best birthday celebration! We have napkins, plates, a special birthday card and cake mix combo, and candles to help you go above and beyond and make it a one-stop-shop for planning the best birthday yet!

Mardi Gras (February 13th):

February promises to be a bustling month, especially if you’re hosting various celebrations! Simplify your preparations by choosing The Mousetrap. Swing by to collect a customizable sandwich tray tailored to your party’s preferences, and enhance the experience with a complementary cheese tray to elevate the flavors. Dive into the spirit of Mardi Gras, which translates to “Fat Tuesday” in French, marking the preceding the commencement of Lent, a season of fasting.

Valentine’s Day (February 14th):

Valentine’s Day is QUICKLY approaching! Did you forget to make reservations and now it is too late? Don’t worry! Throw together a celebration for you and your special someone and your all’s closest friends! Order a charcuterie board and bring a bottle of wine for an appetizer! Pair it with your favorite entrees and side dishes, and don’t forget the dessert tray!

March Madness: 

March is all about basketball here in Lexington! We know you are hosting your UK watch parties if you are not at Rupp Arena! Let us take the stress out of cooking and cleaning so you can enjoy watching Coach Cal on the sidelines and keep your eye on your favorite player! Order your catering and come in for the best Kentucky servingware! 

St Patrick’s Day (March 17th): 

Dress in your finest green attire, adorn the space with charming shamrocks, and savor the delightful flavors of a catered sandwich from The Mousetrap at your St. Patrick’s Day gathering! Picture-perfect, isn’t it? Complete your celebration this year by indulging in the finest catered meal. Let The Mousetrap make your St. Patrick’s Day truly exceptional!

Mardi Gras Celebrations

Want to celebrate Mardi Gras but don’t want to cook for it? That’s okay! Come on in to The Mousetrap and place an order for takeout or if you’re hosting place an order for catering! Our Louisiana style choices will be a hit at your party! Try our Louisiana Gumbo or our Creole Seasoned Jumbo Shrimp.

Corporate Events: 

Step into the new year with a touch of elevation for your corporate meetings with The Mousetrap Catering! Transform the mundane gatherings into memorable experiences where the highlight isn’t just the work agenda, but a tasty meal! The only thing that makes these events better is the catered lunch and dinner! Whether it’s a dynamic team-building activity, a quarterly training session, or simply a “just because” affair, choose The Mousetrap to add a delectable dimension to your corporate affairs!


If your calendar has ignited a culinary craving, and your stomach is growling at the thought of our trays, don’t wait! Click over to the menu page to peruse our catering menu. Seize the moment—call us today to speak  with our chef and place your order! Your taste buds will thank you.