Gifts for Him: Elevate Everyday with Thoughtful & Local Finds

  1. Savor the Flavor with Spices and Sauces: 

Perfect for the man that loves to experiment in the kitchen, we have a variety of spices and sauces for him. From bold and smoky barbeque flavors to spicy and exotic flavors, this gift will make sure to elevate all of the dishes he is preparing in the kitchen. 

  1. Tools for the Ultimate Grilling Experience:

We all know that Dad is usually the designated grill master in the house! Surprise him this Christmas with an array of BBQ gifts like injector sets, grill brushes, and grill sheets means he is happy and your belly will be full with all of his tasty creations! 

  1. Local Love with a Twist: 

These gifts will add a touch of his Kentucky home to his everyday life. Explore bourbon themed gourmet sauces or bourbon infused honeys. Select from beer caddies for the golfer in your life. Or even something tasty like Bourbon Bon Bons! 

  1. Raise a Glass to these Gifts: 

Perfect for a man that loves a delightful beverage, we have an assortment of gifts that will fit his style. Choose from a flight of glasses, infused cocktail ice cubes, packages of bitters in an array of flavors, or even a cocktail shaker! 


Visit The Mousetrap to explore our handpicked selection of perfect gifts for any man in your life! Make this holiday special with unforgettable local gifts that truly speak to him! Happy gifting, we can’t wait to help you shop!